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Parenting Class in Divorce


Most families are not prepared to deal with the pain and suffering that divorce often causes. Most people who go through divorce have many different feelings: anger…fear…relief…loneliness…sadness. Children whose parents divorce also have many different and conflicting feelings. Adjusting to divorce takes time. Key factors are how parents handle the dissolution of their marriage, conduct their lives/relationships after the divorce and continue to care for their children. In DuPage County, all divorcing couples with minor children are required by the Court to attend a workshop that deals with the effects of divorce on children.  

Parenting Classes are designed to help parents understand what lies ahead during the difficult divorce process. Understanding what symptoms children show can help parents to use coping strategies that will assist parents in their post-divorce relationship.  

Some topics covered in parenting classes include:  

One such program is the Caring, Coping and Children Workshop in DuPage County which is administered by the Domestic Relations Division of the 18 th Judicial Circuit Court.